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Transferring Applicant Data into WebAdMIT

Applicant data moves between the Applicant Portal and WebAdMIT at certain points in the application process. Once an applicant submits their application, you can view all their data in WebAdMIT. Whenever applicant data is transmitted into WebAdMIT, the following fields are also updated:

  • Last CAS Update field in the Applicant Header. 
  • Application Last Changed On field in the List Manager.
  • Application Last Changed On field in the Export Manager.

Actions that Move Applicant Data

The following actions cause all current applicant data to automatically transfer into WebAdMIT. Note that not all actions may occur for your CAS. Contact a member of your account team with any questions.

Applicant Actions

  • Updating the My Profile section.
  • Adding or removing programs.
  • Changing an answer for release statements.
  • Linking an external ID to the application (e.g., Common App ID).
  • Matching prerequisites in the Program Materials section. 
  • Submitting the application. 
    • After submitting: 
      • Applicants can update editable sections of the application. In some sections, an edit automatically prompts the data transfer, while in others, the applicant must click an Update My Application button, which then triggers the data transfer. 
      • Updates to colleges attended and coursework (i.e., Academic Update) triggers a data transfer. 

Note for Cal State Apply: updating General Education requirements or Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) responses also triggers a data transfer. 

Evaluator (i.e., Recommender, Reference) Actions

  • Accepting an evaluation request.
  • Completing and submitting an evaluation.

Liaison Actions and Processes

  • Receipt of:
    • Official transcripts (or deletion of prior transcripts, which is rare). 
    • Foreign evaluations.
    • Completed letters of evaluation.
    • Official test scores.
  • Changes to:
    • Application statuses.
    • Fee waivers. 
    • Professional Transcript Entry (PTE).
    • Academic Update.
    • Applicant Gateway.
  • Verification of coursework.
  • GPA recalculation.
  • Adding a note to an applicant's account (e.g., application is withdrawn); all Liaison notes are found under the Notes panel.
  • On rare occasions, Liaison staff may manually initiate the transfer of applicant data to ensure accuracy between the application and WebAdMIT.

Transferring In Progress Applicant Data

Review the How Data Visibility is Impacted by Application Statuses page to learn what type of view you have of In Progress applicants. The In Progress applicant information that automatically feeds into WebAdMIT is reflective of the data visibility.

For example, if you see limited panels (i.e. partial view) for In Progress applicants, such as the Contact Information, Designations, and Emails panels, then only updates to an applicant's name, phone number, and email transfer into WebAdMIT. Once the applicant submits their application, you can view their current, full application.

Alternatively, if you see all panels for In Progress applicants (i.e., full view), then you can view all applicant data before an applicant submits their application. However, this data is affected by the transferring actions noted above and may be subject to change. Review the following case scenarios to better understand this process.

  • If an In Progress applicant completes their entire application on November 1 and then changes their phone number on November 15, that change triggers a data transfer. All information in the application as of November 15 is transferred into WebAdMIT.
  • If an In Progress applicant completes their entire application on November 1 and then uploads a program-specific document on November 15, a data transfer will not trigger and WebAdMIT will continue to reflect all data from November 1. The In Progress applicant would need to perform one of the actions above to trigger a data transfer on November 15. 
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