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Universal Advisor Portal Eligibility Criteria and Use Statement

UAP Eligibility

Who Is Eligible for a Full (Unrestricted) UAP Account? A full UAP account provides the advisor with access to UAP data for all CASs.

  • Pre-health advisor at a degree-granting, undergraduate institution or community college in North America.
  • Faculty or administrator with pre-health advising duties at a degree-granting, undergraduate institution or community college in North America.

Who Is Eligible for a Restricted UAP Account? A restricted UAP account provides the advisor with access to UAP data for any CASs in which the advisor does not have a related admissions role.

  • Individual with any admissions or decision-making role for a particular profession/discipline.
  • Pre-health advisor at a postbaccalaureate (postBS) program or special master’s program.
  • Pre-health advisor for a summer enrichment program, professional school, and/or diversity office.

Who Is Ineligible for a UAP Account?

  • Administrative staff in a pre-health advising office.
  • Pre-health advisor, faculty, staff, or administrator in a NON-degree granting program.
  • Retired (emeritus) pre-health advisor.
  • Independent or commercial advisor.
  • Provider or representative of commercial or fee-based materials, advising services, or other resources paid by students, parents, or other advisors even if simultaneously employed in an advising role by an undergraduate or graduate institution.
  • Pre-health advisor or other representative employed by a test preparation organization.
  • Pre-health advisor at an international institution (outside of North America).

UAP Use Statement

Advisors who are eligible and granted access to the UAP must agree to the following terms:

  • I agree that I am a designated advisor at my institution who is eligible to access the Universal Advisor Portal (UAP).
  • I agree not to share my UAP username and password with any individual and will immediately notify Liaison International should my employment status change or I no longer meet the UAP eligibility requirements, as defined.
  • I agree that the information contained in the UAP will only be used for the purposes of advising students and compiling aggregate statistics for internal institutional use.
  • I agree not to share any individual, identifiable applicant data or decision codes with applicants, health profession programs/schools, or any other outside parties at any point. The only users authorized to disclose applicant data and decision codes are applicants and individual health profession programs/schools.
  • I agree not to disclose or share individual applicant data with other individuals or offices at the institution for student recruitment purposes into other programs, unless explicitly granted permission by the student.
  • I agree to contact the appropriate association/organization and request explicit permission to use applicant data in the UAP for research purposes before beginning the research or disseminating any findings.
  • I understand that no association/organization is obligated to approve UAP-related research requests and that data use policies and procedures vary by profession.
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