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Universal Advisor Portal Frequently Asked Questions


The Universal Advisor Portal (UAP) provides pre-health profession advisors at degree-granting, undergraduate institutions the ability to use a single login account to access application data about their students who:

  1. Applied via a Liaison-based centralized application service (CAS), and
  2. Authorized Liaison to release their application data to advisors at their colleges attended. Rules regarding what data is visible or hidden to advisors during the admissions cycle vary by CAS.

Visit the UAP Help Center.

Visit the UAP login page.

Only eligible advisors who agree to abide by the terms of use may access the UAP.

Contact the Client Support Specialist team at

Account Request Form 

Submit your UAP account request between May 15, 2021 and July 1, 2021.

Advisors will be asked to renew their UAP account access every 2 years.

Current accounts will be reviewed by July 15, 2021.

Once the changes are effective, submit a new UAP account request form as soon as possible. 

Who do I contact with questions about the UAP account request form?

Email questions about the request form to

Yes; however, allow 7-10 business days for late requests to be reviewed.

Existing Accounts

The new UAP account request form and process are intended to ensure that all advisors who currently have access are still eligible based on their current roles and new eligibility criteria, as developed in collaboration with NAAHP, participating CASs, and Liaison International. The primary purpose of the process is to protect applicants’ privacy.

If you do not submit your UAP account request by the deadline (July 1), your existing UAP account will be disabled and you will no longer have access to any CAS data via the UAP until you complete the form and your eligibility is confirmed.

  • If granted a full (unrestricted) account, you will continue to have access to CAS data for any past cycles to which you previously had access.
  • If granted a restricted account, you may lose access to one or more CASs and, thus, no longer have access to data to past or most recent cycles for those particular CASs.
  • If ineligible for a UAP account, you will no longer have access to any CAS data for any cycle via the UAP. 

If you are approved for a full (unrestricted) account, you will automatically have access to applicant data for all of the CASs that participate in the UAP.

New Accounts

Advisors who do not currently have a UAP account may submit a request for access via the form beginning on August 1, 2021.

New UAP account users will have access to CAS data for the most recent admissions cycle and subsequent cycles.

Yes; if your account is approved, you may also request access to the previous cycles for specific CASs by emailing


No, if your UAP account request is denied, you may not submit a new form with different selections. Individuals that attempt to submit a new form without an appeal process will be automatically denied again.

Decisions about UAP account access are based on eligibility requirements as described on the request form. If you believe you are eligible for a UAP account based on the rules but were still denied access, email Appeals will be considered quarterly.

The UAP eligibility criteria were developed through a collaborative effort with NAAHP, participating CASs, and Liaison International to protect applicant privacy, clarify who should have access to sensitive application data, facilitate the account approval process, and promote the appropriate usage of the data. If you wish to request a change to the eligibility requirements, contact A representative group will meet to discuss any proposed changes to the eligibility criteria on a quarterly basis. 

Advisors who misrepresent their roles or enter falsified information will have their UAP account access denied or revoked. Additionally, if an advisor’s role changes and the individual is no longer eligible to access CAS data, the UAP account will be disabled or moved to restricted access, as appropriate.

No. NAAHP membership is not a factor in determining whether an advisor is eligible for a UAP account. Some advisors may have restricted or no access to the UAP based on their current roles, even if they are NAAHP members.

No. Per the UAP eligibility criteria, only authorized pre-health profession advisors are authorized to access the sensitive applicant data in the UAP.

UAP Data Usage

No. UAP account sharing is considered a violation of the UAP Use Statement. Individuals who share accounts will have their UAP access revoked.

No. Per the UAP Use Statement, you must:

“...agree not to share any individual, identifiable applicant data or decision codes with applicants, health profession programs/schools, or any other outside parties at any point. The only users authorized to disclose applicant data and decision codes are applicants and individual health profession programs/schools.”

If you do not abide by the UAP Use Statement, your UAP account access will be revoked.

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