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Viewing Applicants in the Universal Advisor Portal

Clicking on an applicant’s name takes you to the Applicant Details page.


Applicant Details Page Panels

Information on the Applicant Details page appears in categorized, collapsible panels.


Applicant Header

The Applicant Header displays key demographic information, including:

  • Applicant Name
  • Applicant Photo
  • Applicant ID
  • Application Status, which appears as a flag (highlighted in yellow or green)
  • The most recent date and time that information was transmitted from the CAS to the UAP (i.e., last Applicant Update)

The top right corner of the Applicant Header provides navigation options to move between applicants.



This panel displays the program at your institution to which the applicant applied, as well as:

  • Application Status, which includes:
    • In-Progress: the applicant has not yet submitted or paid for the application.
    • Received: the application has been submitted, but it’s missing transcripts or letters of recommendation that are required.
    • Complete: all required materials were received and the application is in line for verification and is considered complete. Once the application enters this status, it can take up to 10 business days to move to the Verified status.
    • Undelivered: an error was found in the application and it was returned to the applicant to correct.
    • Verified: the application was processed and, if applicable, GPAs were calculated. Once an application is verified, applicants should direct any questions about its status to the programs they applied to.
  • Relevant Dates (the date the application was completed, submitted, and verified)
  • Details (additional information about the designation, such as year(s) of previous application and graduate program interest tracks, if applicable)


By providing you with application statuses, you can monitor applicants as they progress through the application process and take any necessary actions. For example, you may choose to perform a quick search once a week for applicants who are Undelivered, then follow up with them to help resolve their application issues.


This panel displays the applicant’s documents transmitted from the CAS. Documents sources can include:

  • Applications: this section contains a full PDF of the application.
  • Transcripts: these documents appear when they are received and processed for a submitted applicant. Note that the received date is the date the document was received into the UAP from the CAS.


Although the actual documents are not available (based on guidance from the advisory group), the information displayed in this panel can be used to help you coach applicants through the process.


This panel displays the letters of evaluation that were completed by the applicant’s evaluators, including the date an evaluation was received by the CAS and made available to the applicant's designated programs.


GPA Overview

This panel displays a series of post-secondary GPAs calculated for the applicant by the CAS. Note that GPA calculation categories and rules vary by CAS. Some of the GPAs may include:

  • GPAs by Year
  • GPAs by Subject
  • GPAs by School
  • Foreign Evaluations (e.g., Official WES GPAs)


Standardized Tests

This panel displays the applicant’s applicable test scores for exams. The available tests that may appear here vary based on your CAS. Tests may include ACT, DAT, GRE, GMAT, HESI, IELTS, MCAT, NBDE, OAT, PCAT, TEAS, and/or TOEFL exams. Note that due to ETS's policy, official GREs do not display.



This panel displays the previous institutions attended. This may include the undergraduate institution(s), graduate institution(s), and/or high school(s) attended by the applicant. 


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