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Accessing Analytics by Liaison

Getting Started with Data Extraction

If you're just getting started with WebAdMIT's data extraction tools, we recommend you review the following information:

  • Create customized data files through the Export Manager. You can include only the information that you want, in the order you want it. Be sure to review your CAS's data dictionary and master code lists to learn what fields are available to you.
  • Bulk download applicant files through the PDF Manager. Bulk downloads can include the full application PDF, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.
  • Pull pre-built reports on your applicants and admissions users through the Report Manager. Reports can also help you compare your applicant pool to the entire CAS applicant pool.
  • Configure and schedule SFTP deliveries to your Student Information System (SIS).
  • If available to you, spot trends and help shape your class through reports in Analytics by Liaison.

Additionally, if you're interested in creating a data feed between WebAdMIT and your data systems, explore these resources:

  • Review the Integration Help Center for best practices and tips in moving records from WebAdMIT into your institution's systems.
  • The WebAdMIT API is the tool that allows you to integrate applicant data into your institution's SIS/ERP system.
  • You can also explore additional APIs, like the Custom Fields API and PDF Manager API.

Analytics by Liaison

Analytics by Liaison provides data-driven insights to help you spot trends and shape your class. It gives your school a secure and robust way to explore multi-year applicant and application data using visual representations and dashboards, making it a complete solution for admission offices looking to optimize their efforts for growing or shaping their classes.

If your CAS provides access to Analytics by Liaison, visit the Analytics Help Center.

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