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Searching for Applicants

Searching for Applicants

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Applicants panel, then click Search.

  2. You can apply one or more filters to refine the list of search results. Only applicants you have permission to view will appear in your results. If filters are hidden, click Show Filters to display them.

  3. Enter your criteria, then click Search. Note that the Last Name, First Name, CAS ID, and Application Last Changed On fields match information in the Applicant Header; State and Email Address fields match the Preferred Address; Application Status, Local Status, Decision Code, Designation Submitted Date, and Designation fields match information in the Designation panel; and Reviewer matches information in Assignments.

  4. Click Sort Results to sort your results by name, email address, or ID number.

  5. Click on your desired applicant's name to view his or her Applicant Details page.

Applying Search Actions to Selected Applicants

Using the checkboxes in the first column of your search results, you can select multiple applicants and apply an action.

  • Add Checked Applicants to Clipboard: Add the selected applicants to the Clipboard.

  • Assign Checked Applicants: Assign the selected applicants to a specific admission user (you must have at least one Assignment Type set up).

  • Interview Checked Applicants: Create an Interview for the selected applicants (you must have at least one Interview Type set up).

  • Change Checked Applicants' Status: Change the Local Status for the selected applicants.
  • Email Checked Applicants: Send an email to the selected applicants.
  • Update Custom Fields for Checked Applicants: Update the custom fields that have been defined for selected applicants.
  • Accept Checked Applicants Requirement Criterion: Select a requirement and update the response to that requirement for the selected applicants (this function only appears if requirements are configured).

  • Save Search Results as List: Save the filters you selected as a list (accessible via the List Manager).

Warning: Dispensing Assignments and/or Interviews is an advanced function that can’t be undone in batch. Confirm that your search results and selections are accurate before performing the change.

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