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Working with Early Decision Applicants


Some application services offer an "Early Decision" feature. This is where applicants select one program to apply to, and must wait until the program makes a decision to accept or deny them. If a program denies the applicant, the applicant is then free to submit their application to as many alternate programs as they would like.

Identifying Early Decision Applicants

Early Decision applicants are labeled with a blue "Early Decision" indicator in their Applicant Details Page header.


They'll also have a "Early Decision Status" column in their Designations panel.


There are Three Early Decision statuses in WebAdMIT:

  • Applied Early Decision
  • Applied Early Decision but Returned to Regular Pool
  • Not Early Decision

"Applied Early Decision" appears for programs that offer early decision and have applicants who have chosen to apply Early Decision.  If a program does not offer Early Decision, then "Applied Early Decision" will not appear.

"Applied Early Decision but Returned to Regular Pool" appears for applicants who applied Early Decision for a program but were not admitted.  The applicant will have this status for the program that did not admit them, and also for any program to which they apply to in the future.

These statuses can be searched by in the Search feature and List Manager

Making Final Decisions on Early Decision Applicants

Admissions users will need to submit final decisions for Early Decision applicants at a certain point in the cycle.  This will be predetermined with the CAS and association.  To submit final decisions, create a Local Status tied to the applicable Decision Code.  The applicant will need to remain in this decision code for at least 24 hours for WebAdMIT to process the program's final Decision Code.

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