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Preparing for the New Cycle

This page applies to: WebAdMIT

This guide provides an overview of items to focus on in anticipation of a new cycle.

Accessing the Application

The CAS Application will be available at the start of the new cycle. Users are encouraged to create test accounts so they can become more familiar with the application and understand what is required versus optional at the core- and program-level.

Application Playground

Some CASs have a playground site for the application, available before the new cycle has launched. Users can create test accounts to preview the application and any new features built for the future cycle. If your CAS participates in this, you will want to reach out to your CAS Account Manager and Customer Solutions Manager, or the WebAdMIT Support team, to be given access to the application playground site. Please note that all test accounts in the playground will be deleted prior to the application launch.

Advertising the Application and Communicating Your Requirements

We encourage schools to advertise the CAS application to students and clearly outline any program-level requirements. This can include:

  • Linking the CAS Application URL on your program website, Facebook page, and Twitter account
  • Directing applicants to send transcripts, letters of recommendation, and test scores to the CAS, if applicable
  • Sharing the CAS Customer Service contact information
  • Using the Configuration Portal:
    • Listing supplemental applications and fees
    • Clarifying program requirements, such as sending transcripts or test scores to both the CAS and the institution
  • Emailing in progress and submitted applicants via WebAdMIT to confirm submission of program-level requirements

Accessing the New Cycle in WebAdMIT

The cycle switcher gives you the ability to access different CASs and cycles within your WebAdMIT account. In order to build your program in the Configuration Portal, add admissions users to the new cycle, and configure other WebAdMIT features, be sure that you have the correct CAS and new cycle selected in the cycle switcher.

When adding users to the new cycle, remember to place them in a work group. Once your program is live on the application, edit your admissions users' accounts and add the program(s).

Training Resources

Access the WebAdMIT Training Site for our on-demand trainings and webinars. The Getting Started Guide, WebAdMIT Help Guide, and the Configuration Guide (available from your Account Manager) are other great resources.

Data Exports and Integration

Users can export data and documents from WebAdMIT into an internal SIS. This can be set up as an automatic process via the API feature.

The Custom Export Field Layout document, accessible under Support Resources in WebAdMIT, lists all of the available fields in the Export Manager. It also includes the field name, field type (numeric, Boolean, etc.), and associated lookup tables.

WebAdMIT Playground

Some CASs have a playground site for WebAdMIT, available before the new cycle has launched. Users can use their account in a test portal to preview WebAdMIT and any new features built for the future cycle. They can also run test data exports to use with their SIS. If your CAS participates in this, you will want to reach out to your CAS Account Manager and Customer Solutions Manager, or the WebAdMIT Support team, to be given access to the WebAdMIT playground site. Please note that all information in the playground will be deleted prior to the application launch.

If your CAS does not participate in the playground site for WebAdMIT, you will be able to run test data exports:

  • after the new cycle is live in WebAdMIT,
  • your program is live in the CAS application, and
  • you have at least one submitted applicant.

Settings Transfer

The Settings Transfer feature in WebAdMIT is available after the CAS application is live. It allows you to transfer templates from the previous cycle to the current cycle. Active templates from the List Manager, Export Manager, Custom Fields, Local Statuses, Local GPAs, Prerequisite GPAs, Requirements, Scoring, Assignments, Interviewing, Email Templates, and Email Addresses will be transferred when the Transfer Settings option is initiated. Deactivated templates are not carried over.

For CASs that can defer applicants through settings transfer, the applicants must be placed in the "Deferred" decision code in the previous cycle before the settings transfer is initiated. These applicants are then placed in the "Deferral" application status in the new cycle.

Work Group, Applicant Header, and Report Manager templates don’t transfer and need to be rebuilt in the new cycle.  Additionally, Admissions Users don’t transfer; instead, an institution manager must add the new cycle to their account.

The Transfer Settings feature can only be initiated once per cycle. After transferring your templates, review them to ensure they transferred correctly.

The user who initiates the Transfer Settings becomes the owner of the templates, which allows them to edit and delete, as necessary. Other users can create and edit their own copies of the templates. Note, however, that templates that were configured to be viewed by a single user (and not everyone) are not included in the Transfer Settings.  

1. To initiate the Transfer Settings, locate the Transfer Settings from Previous Setup panel in the center section of the dashboard.  

2. Click Transfer from 201X - 201X WebAdMIT, then review the templates that will be carried over.

3. When you are finished, click Approve settings transfer.

Note that if a user selects dismiss it permanently, it will remove the Transfer Settings panel for all users within their cycle and organization.

For a more in-depth explanation of Transfer Settings, download the Transfer Settings supplemental guide.