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In this section, you can configure the competencies required for entrance to your program. Applicants will then self-identify which experiences they feel meet your program’s competency requirements. 

You can add instructions that help guide applicants through matching their experiences to your competencies. Keep in mind that applicants can:

  • Match more than one experience to a competency. 
  • Match the same experience to multiple competencies.
  • Choose not to match any experiences to a competency.

To configure, click the Competencies link on the Applicant Gateway Editor page. 

Example of Competency Activity


Create Introductory and Finishing Text

The text you include in the Activity Introduction displays to the applicant before they select competencies.

The text you include in the Finishing Statement displays when the applicant completes the activity. You can use this space to explain the timeframes in which the admissions team reviews the information or any additional steps the applicant needs to complete.

  1. Enter a header/title for the Activity Introduction.
  2. In the next field, enter your introduction text.
  3. Enter a header/title for the Finishing Statement.
  4. In the next field, enter text that acknowledges the applicant successfully submitted a payment.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Continue to move to the next section.

Create Instructions

In this section, you can add instructions for matching competencies. The Activity Display Name defaults to 60 days, but you can adjust this setting in the Activity Expiration drop-down. The following options are available:

  • Default Expiration: use the default of 60 days from activation.
  • Number of Days from Activation: specify the number of days from activation the activity will expire.
  • Calendar Date: enter a date on which the activity will expire.
  • Rolling: activity will not expire and applicants can submit it on a rolling basis.

Note that expired activities are not visible to applicants. You can also opt to allow applicants to submit competencies after the program’s deadline date.

Add Competencies

  1. Click + Competency
  2. Enter the following details for each competency. 
    • Title: enter a descriptive title (e.g. “Community Service”). 
    • Description: enter a description that is 255 characters or less.
    • Minimum Hours: enter the minimum number of hours an applicant must complete to fulfill the competency.
  3. Click + Competency to continue adding competencies as needed. 
  4. Click Save

Submit for Activation

Once you complete all required fields and save your Competencies activity, click Submit for Review to submit it to the WebAdMIT for AMCAS Support team for activation. A success message displays.

The WebAdMIT for AMCAS Support team will then activate the Applicant Gateway activity within two business days. If you need your activity activated as soon as possible, contact the WebAdMIT for AMCAS support team.

Once activated, the activity is available the next morning and can be assigned to applicants in WebAdMIT for AMCAS.

Important: Once you submit the Competencies activity for activation, you can no longer edit it. Submit only when you are sure that the activity is complete and you have reviewed for accuracy. If you need to make edits after submission, contact the WebAdMIT for AMCAS support team. Requests for edits will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please note that in most cases changes cannot be made.

To contact the WebAdMIT for AMCAS support team, call 617-612-2049 or email

Activity Statuses

Applicant Gateway activities can be in the following statuses:

  • Draft means that this is a new, fully-editable Applicant Gateway. It has not been sent to the Client Support Specialist team for activation. It is not yet available to assign to applicants.
  • Ready for Review means that the Applicant Gateway was submitted for activation by the Client Support Specialist team. It is currently locked and only the Client Support Specialist team can make changes.
  • Active means that the Applicant Gateway was activated. Active Applicant Gateways can be assigned to applicants via WebAdMIT for AMCAS.

Applicant Updates

Note that updates to Competencies are reflected in WebAdMIT for AMCAS when an applicant performs any of the following actions:

  • Makes selections for all Competencies and clicks Complete Activity
  • Makes selections for some Competencies, clicks Save & Exit, and then completes any other activity in the Applicant Gateway (e.g., Documents, Prerequisites, etc.). 
  • Updates and saves their AMCAS application. 

Therefore, some Competencies may appear to be fulfilled (and show fulfillment dates) with matched experiences even if the applicant has not yet completed the entire Competencies activity. 

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