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Accessing WebAdMIT for AMCAS

To access WebAdMIT for AMCAS, use a supported web browser to navigate to This web address redirects you to an AAMC login page. After entering your credentials, you're redirected back to WebAdMIT for AMCAS.


Username and Password   

WebAdMIT for AMCAS users log in using their AAMC credentials. If you're a new user, you'll need to:

  1. Create an AAMC account.
  2. Have your WebAdMIT for AMCAS Administrator create a WebAdMIT account with the email address used in your AAMC account.

If you attempt to log in with your AAMC account and a matching active WebAdMIT for AMCAS account has not been created for you, an error message appears.


Once both accounts exist, you can log in to WebAdMIT. If you wish to change your password, this can only be done by changing your AAMC account password. Password changes within WebAdMIT don't adjust your AAMC account password.

Note for Administrators: During the onboarding process, Liaison requests information for and creates two administrator accounts per school.

Forgotten Username or Password

If you forgot your username or password, use the Forgot your username or Forgot your password? links to regain access to your account.

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