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Support and Resources

WebAdMIT for AMCAS Support

The WebAdMIT for AMCAS Support Team is available Monday–Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM ET.

Note that upgrades to WebAdMIT for AMCAS occur on Sunday mornings to minimize downtime for users.

Admissions Questions

AMCAS offers admissions support for participating schools. For questions regarding the status of an application, a GPA calculation, application deadlines, or other admissions-related issues, please contact AMCAS Medical School Relations.

  • AMCAS Medical School Relations Email:
  • AMCAS Medical School Relations Phone: 202-828-0635

On-demand Courses

Course Description Intended Use
WebAdMIT for AMCAS Training This course provides an overview of the fundamental functionality to get you up and running in WebAdMIT for AMCAS. This is a technical course that provides the information WebAdMIT for AMCAS users will need to work effectively in the software.
WebAdMIT for AMCAS Admin Training This course builds off the WebAdMIT for AMCAS training and explores how to create users, establish permissions, and configure items for use in WebAdMIT for AMCAS. This technical course is inteded to be used by administrative users in WebAdMIT for AMCAS. It provides instruction on how to set up the items described in the previous course.

WebAdMIT for AMCAS Custom Export Layout (Data Dictionary) Files

The Custom Export Layout is a dictionary of all fields available to export from WebAdMIT for AMCAS. Click on the links below to download them.

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