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Managing Lists

You may return to your lists at any time by clicking List Manager. From here you can edit or delete any list of which you are the owner. For these lists, and lists owned by other users, you may also create a copy of them, send all applicants an email, or export the applicants via the Export Manager.


Naming Lists

As a best practice, you should name your lists with clear and concise language, so that it is easily understood what data your list contains. For example, if you search for applicants based on the Permanent Mailing Address New York state field, you should name your list "NY Permanent Address".

Reordering Lists

To reorder a list, use the grip icon to drag and drop the list into the preferred order.


Editing Lists

To modify a list, click the pencil icon. Note that only list owners can perform edits. Note that a user may only edit a list if they are the owner of it. To make a modified version of a list you are not the owner of, use the Copy function.


Copying Existing Lists

To copy an existing list, click the duplicate icon. Copying a list gives the user ownership of the new list. This is useful when a user needs to modify a list they are not the owner of. This also can be used to determine what criteria are being used in a list that is not editable.


Deleting Lists

To delete a list, click the remove icon. Note that only list owners can delete lists. Additionally, any associated exports using the list will also be deleted (you will be prompted to confirm that you want to proceed).


Exporting Lists

To export a list, click the export icon.


Emailing Applicants in a List

To email the applicants in a list, click the envelope icon.

Performing Batch Local Status Updates

Warning: this function can’t be undone. Proceed with caution.

  1. From a list, click List Actions, then select Change Checked Applicants’ Status from the drop-down.

  2. Select the new status using the Set status to drop-down, select the associated Designations, then click Submit.
  3. If the new Local Status is associated with an email template, a dialog box prompts you to select an action. Click Send to send the email to all applicants, excluding those who already received it.
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