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Interest in Podiatric Medicine

Indicate how you learned about the podiatric medicine profession.

Advisor Information

Indicate if your college advisor provided information about podiatric medicine. If you select Yes, enter their first and last names and institution. Be sure to use the official institution name you selected in the Colleges Attended section.

Relatives in Podiatric Medicine

In this section, you can opt to enter information about your relative(s) in podiatric medicine, including their role within your household, school attended, and graduation date. This information is only used for data and recruitment purposes.

Add a Relative

  1. Select Yes to indicate you have a relative who is a DPM.
  2. Select the relationship between you and the relative.
  3. Enter their first and last names.
  4. Select their school attended.
  5. Select their graduation date.
  6. Add additional relatives, as needed.
  7. Click Save and Continue.
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