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AAPI Participating Programs and Eligibility


Many accredited psychology postdoctoral and internships programs participate in AAPI each cycle. These programs are accredited by American Psychological Association (APA). The psychology postdoctoral and internships programs that do not participate in AAPI handle their application processes separately.

You can use the AAPI application to apply to sites that are registered with National Matching Service and participate in the APPIC Match. This includes all APPIC-member programs as well as a small number of non-member programs that participate in the APPIC Match. APPIC has not reviewed non-member programs for quality. Programs that do not participate in the APPIC Match handle their application process separately. Applicants are not permitted to send electronic or paper versions of the AAPI application to programs that do not meet the above criteria. If an ineligible site requests your AAPI application, please contact Dr. Kimberly Hill at

Program Eligibility

If you have questions about your eligibility to apply to a program, contact the program directly. 

Program Deadline Requirements

Deadlines are determined by each participating program, not AAPI. To view a program's deadline date, click Add Program and review the information under Deadline. You can submit your application up until 11:59 PM ET on the deadline date.

In addition to determining deadlines, each participating program sets requirements for their deadlines. Programs may have additional requirements, including receipt of test scores, supplemental applications, etc. If you have questions about a program's requirements, contact the program directly.

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