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ADEA AADSAS Application Fees and Fee Assistance Program


ADEA AADSAS charges $259 for the first program you apply to and $112 for each additional program. 

Some programs may have an additional supplemental fee; contact your programs to learn if they require this and how to pay it.

Canadian Dental Schools

Applicants applying to ADEA AADSAS-participating Canadian dental schools will receive a 25% discount on each Canadian dental school application to account for the exchange rate difference. Applicants will first pay the full fee amount in US dollars to submit the application. The 25% discount will be processed separately and issued in February 2020. 

Fee Assistance Program

Beginning at the start of the cycle, a limited number of fee waivers are provided to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Each fee waiver covers the initial application fee and two additional program designations, for a total of three designations. If you wish to apply to additional programs, you are responsible for the remaining balance. If you received a fee waiver during a previous cycle, you may still apply for another in the next cycle. 

You may request a fee waiver as soon as you create an application, but keep in mind that fee waiver funds can be quickly depleted. To view the fee assistance program instructions, qualifications, and submission requirements, review the ADEA AADSAS Fee Assistance Program (FAP) document. For any questions, contact ADEA at

Please note that only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for the ADEA AADSAS Fee Assistance Program. 

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