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Refunding/Withdrawing Your ADEA AADSAS Application

Refund Policy

A vital part of the application process is that the instructions are read in full and the application is reviewed to ensure all necessary steps were taken to complete the application. Once an application is submitted, refunds are not typically granted; however, under special circumstances, refund requests will be reviewed. Applicants must submit a brief, written request to within 30 calendar days of the end of the application cycle. ADEA reserves the right to grant or deny requests at its own discretion. Any refund granted will be returned to the applicant in the format it was paid.

Reapplicants accepted after June 1 to the previous cycle can request a refund. Requests must be made within two weeks of the acceptance, which will be verified by ADEA AADSAS staff.

Withdrawing Your Application

You may withdraw your application if it does not yet have a Verified status (note: if you have already submitted your application, we cannot issue any refunds). If you want to withdraw a Verified status application, contact the program directly, as they may already have processed your application.

To withdraw your non-Verified status application from all programs:

Email customer service at with your full name, CAS ID, and the following statement (note: withdrawal requests must be received via email—requests are not accepted via telephone or chat):

"I authorize ADEA AADSAS to withdraw my application from the 2022-2023 application cycle. Furthermore, I understand that no refunds can be granted for applications that have already been submitted."

To withdraw your non-Verified status application from specific programs:

Contact your programs directly to inform them that you would like to withdraw your application.

Credit Card Payment Disputes

An unauthorized credit card chargeback against a fee will result in the application being placed on hold for all programs. A chargeback is the return of funds to a consumer, typically occurring after a credit card transaction is disputed with the credit card company.

If we receive an unauthorized chargeback from your credit card company, we will notify you of the chargeback and place your application on hold. To reinstate your application, you must send a money order for the full amount within 10 business days of the notification.

If payment is not received within this timeframe, any future activity will be barred until all outstanding fees are paid, including applications for future cycles.

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