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Previous Applications and Attendance

Applications to US Dental Schools

Indicate if you previously applied to any dental colleges or universities. If you select Yes, select the most recent year you applied from the drop-down. Use the entering year of the fall semester when you would have enrolled. Report only applications submitted before the current ADEA CAAPID application cycle.

Then, list the school(s) you applied to, explain what has changed since your last application, and explain any weaknesses you perceived in your previous application and what you did to address them.

Applications to US Dental Programs

Indicate if you previously applied to a US dental program, including internships, externships, certificates, residencies, preceptorships, or other dental-related programs. If you select Yes, list the program(s), institution name(s), program name(s), and application date(s). Report only applications submitted before the current ADEA CAAPID application cycle.

Attendance in a Health Profession Program in the US or Canada

Indicate whether you previously matriculated (i.e., began classes) in a health profession program in the United States or Canada. Programs include bachelor's (e.g., B.S.), master's (e.g., M.P.H.), or doctorates (e.g., Ph.D, D.D.S.) and non-degree programs like certificates, externships, or residencies.

If you select Yes, indicate the number of programs attended, the types of programs, and details about your degree and attendance.

Academic Infraction

Indicate whether you have ever been disciplined while attending an academic institution for unacceptable performance (academic probation, suspension, dismissal, etc) or conduct violations. If you select Yes, enter a brief explanation in the field provided. Include 1) a brief description of the incident, 2) specific charge made, 3) related dates, 4) consequence, and 5) a reflection on the incident and how the incident has impacted your life.

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