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ADEA Privacy/Confidentiality Statement

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) will generally not release personally identifiable data without the permission of the individual involved. Except as described below, information about individual applicants and matriculates is not shared with anyone outside of ADEA in a way that would permit individual identification.

Information about applicants is disclosed to the schools and/or programs to which a student applies using one of ADEA’s centralized application services. Information about applicants who use one of ADEA’s centralized application services may also be disclosed to a limited number of third-party organizations that are involved in the application process and tuition assistance services, such as those that use information to identify and contact applicants who may be eligible for scholarships. Applicants to one of ADEA’s centralized application services will be required to release their application information and supporting documents by agreeing to the Release Statement and Code of Conduct within the application.

Application data submitted by an applicant will generally not be shared with third-party individuals or organizations. ADEA will only discuss an application with the applicant and the applicant's designated schools and/or programs. Staff will not discuss an application with a parent, spouse, relative, friend or employer of the applicant. ADEA reserves the right to release information from an applicant or matriculate’s file to: (i) respond to information requests by law enforcement or other governmental authorities; (ii) comply with any law, regulation, enforceable subpoena or other legal process, or court order; (iii) investigate or prevent security threats, fraud, malicious activity, or inappropriate, unauthorized, or illegal activity involving ADEA’s services or computer networks; or (iv) enforce or protect ADEA’s rights and property. In such circumstances, personal information may be disclosed without notice to the individual applicant or matriculate.

ADEA may disclose to the public data that it gathers through its centralized application services in aggregate de-identified form. ADEA reserves the right to use applicant data, including individually identifiable applicant data, for its own purposes, including research purposes. However, in publishing research, ADEA will not include individual applicant information.

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