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What is the CAS API?

Liaison's CAS API can be used by both institutions and associations to access data about applicants, applications, and programs from the Applicant and Configuration Portals. The CAS API comprises of two APIs: the Applicant API and the Configuration API. For example, you can retrieve applications and any associated documents from the Applicant Portal (i.e., the Applicant API). You can also retrieve program and related branding data from the Configuration Portal (i.e., the Configuration API). The CAS API is particularly well-suited if you participate in multiple CASs. Some key benefits include:

  • A single integration point for all of your CASs.
  • JSON-format, a leading data format, for maximum compatibility across your institution and CAS systems.
  • State-of-the-art security protocols and standards.
  • Cloud-based (i.e., highly available).
  • Flexible API user roles for institutions and associations.
  • Dedicated prelaunch environment and sample codes to test integrations.

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