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Using Postman to Set Up the CAS API Slate Integration

Postman is a platform for API development, allowing you to interact with HTTPS endpoints. Should you choose to use Postman to work with the CAS API, follow the steps below after downloading it.

  1. Download our sample Postman collection.
  2. Import the sample collection into Postman by opening the Workspace and clicking Import. Then select the sample collection.

  3. Next, set up an environment.

  4. Enter the information sent in the CAS API Account Has Been Created email.


    Some items, like subscriptionID, will need to be filled in later in the process and can be updated at any time. For test application data, set the Prelaunch root URL.  For live application data, set the Production root URL.
    •    Prelaunch root URL:
    •    Production root URL:

  5. Ensure that the new environment is selected in the upper right of Postman.

  6. Next, call an Authorization Token. This is the endpoint in the collection called Call Auth Token.

  7. Click Send to call the endpoint.

    Once you generate the Authorization Token, it remains available for an hour. After that, you'll need to re-run the Call Auth Token endpoint to generate a new token.
  8. To create a subscription, open the POST subscription by organization endpoint. Then in the Body, enter the preferred notification email for notificationEmailAddress and the username and password for your Slate Liaison Service Account user.

    Note that this is a different username and password than the login to access Slate. This standard subscription will pull in applications at the point that they become “Received” (i.e., the applicant has submitted). To use a different applicant event, see the business events listed in the Creating a CAS API Subscription section.

For more information, also see the Slate Knowledge Base.

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