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Inquiry Data Mapping in Slate Source Formats

Before you can begin mapping the data from the application to Slate, you'll need to import the standard Source Format for CAS In Progress applications from the Library. For more information, see below and visit the Slate Knowledge Base.

Unique Identifiers for Matching

Create one new field and set it as "unique for merging". This should already exist in your Slate instance upon importing the standard Source Format for CAS In Progress application data. The standard Source Format maps CAS IDs into this field to ensure proper person-scoped matching for incoming CAS data.

  • Person scope: "CAS/Liaison Person ID"

Information Available for CAS In Progress Applications

With a CAS API subscription to the application.program.selected event, you'll receive data as soon as any applicant first selects one of your institution's programs. An applicant might select your institution's program after having selected other programs and filled out some or all of the CAS application. Alternatively, an applicant might select your institution's program first after creating a CAS profile. After an applicant creates a profile, the next screen shown is the Program Selection screen. The bare minimum of information you will get for CAS In Progress applications is the CAS profile information and information about the program selected. That information may include (fields with an asterisk are required for profile creation or file delivery):

  • Title
  • First Name*
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name *
  • Suffix
  • Display Name
  • Email Address*
  • Preferred Phone Number*
  • Preferred Phone Number Type*
  • Alternate Phone Number
  • Alternate Phone Number Type*
  • Text and Phone Authorization
  • Program Selected* (all program attributes will be delivered)

Note on In Progress Visibility Restrictions

A CAS can allow full, partial, or no view of In Progress applications. The CAS In Progress to Slate Inquiry integration only works if the CAS you're interested in allows you to view In Progress applications. Consult the documentation for your CAS to determine if there are any visibility restrictions on In Progress applications.

Program Information

The values set in the CAS program properties when configuring your CAS programs can be used to identify which program an inquiry is interested in pursuing, allowing you to tailor your marketing communications to each person's interests. Different schools use these CAS program properties in different ways, making it impossible to pre-map most of these properties. You'll most certainly want to review the program properties available against your CAS program configuration strategy to determine which properties to map.
You can find the CAS program properties when remapping your Source Format by entering the following search term: "progMate.progSele0.". The section below lists the most commonly mapped of these program properties.

Commonly Used Fields

There are some commonly used fields that are used differently across institutions. Because of the variety of uses, it isn't possible to pre-map these fields. It will be necessary for you to map any of these fields that you want to load to Slate.




Name of the program applied to.




Entry term for the program applied to (e.g. "Fall".)




Start year for program applied to.





Submission status for the application. Possible values:

  • "In Progress" = started
  • "Received" = submitted
  • "Complete" = all requirements met



Date when the applicant first started the application to the program.




Date when the application was submitted: applicant clicks Submit and pays the fee.




Date when the application became complete: all requirements received (including transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.)




ID for the program applied to.


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