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Testing Your Integration

It's important to test your integration to confirm it is producing the records you need for your processes. When testing, pay special attention to any custom mappings you've added to the standard Source Formats.

We recommend you test your integration using our general guidance documentation.

Recommended Testing Pattern

If you are already accepting applications through a Liaison CAS, we recommend you test using Liaison Production data. Otherwise, we recommend you test using Liaison Prelaunch data by going to the Prelaunch Application Portal and creating test applications.

Overview of Environments

Liaison offers two environments:

  • Prelaunch: a staging environment that allows you to configure programs for the new cycle without impacting the current cycle. An advantage to using Prelaunch is that you can create your own test cases to ensure all applicant types are covered.

  • Production: the live environment, where you perform your application review processes.

Delivery of Test Application Data

To trigger the delivery of test application data and documents:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Prelaunch applicant portal for the CAS and cycle of interest. If needed, reach out to Liaison's Client Support Specialist team or to your Liaison Account Manager or Client Success Manager directly for the Prelaunch Applicant Portal link.
  2. Create an account. Usernames are based on email addresses, so if you need multiple accounts, you'll have to use alias email addresses. Keep in mind, though, that an individual email address can log in to many different CASs across many different cycles. An application to an individual CAS/cycle can be designated to many different programs.
  3. On the Add Program page, scroll down to find your institution's programs and select at least one.
  4. Navigate to the My Application tab and complete the application.
  5. Upload some documents in the Supporting Information and Program Materials sections. These will trigger the file.*.updated subscription details.
  6. Submit the application after filling out the required answers. Submission triggers the application.program.received subscription detail.

Migrating Tests to Production

Once the integration has been approved, establish it in the production environments in both the CAS and Slate. As some users may choose to test with Production CAS data, this step may look different for different projects.

  • CAS API subscription
    • Create your subscription in Production CAS API (if you started in Prelaunch). We recommend you delete your subscription in Prelaunch CAS API.

For more information, also see the Slate Knowledge Base.

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