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Navigating an Application

Viewing Applications

From the Applications View, you can select an application to review by clicking on an applicant's name. Note that the configuration here is customizable, so the options you see in your environment may be slightly different. You can edit the layout of this page by going to App Review in the Application Review section of the Settings menu and clicking Manage.


  1. Applications View: Click Applications to return to the Applications Grid.
  2. Applicant Navigation: use these arrows to navigate to the previous or next application within the segment you're viewing.
  3. Application Menu: use this pane to jump to different sections of the application.
  4. Application Summary: this section gives you a summary of the application you're viewing, with information such as the applicant's Demographics, Contact Information, or other information of your choice.
  5. Application Sections: scroll this area to review Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information, and other sections of the application.
  6. Application Tabs: use these tabs to switch between the various pane options. See below for a description of each tab and the More Options button.
  7. Application Stage: review or change the applicant's Application Stage using this dropdown.
  8. Review Phase: review or change the applicant's Review Phase using this dropdown.
  9. Decision: use this dropdown to adjust the applicant's Decision.
  10. Tags: use this area to review, add, or remove Tags from an application.
  11. Workflow History: use this area to initiate new Workflows, or to review what occurred during previous Workflows.
Application Tabs
  • Information Tab: review this pane to see the applicant's Application Stage, Review Phase, Decision, Tags, Workflows, and other relevant information.
  • Review Tab: use this pane to enter your review of the applicant. A review form appears here if the applicant is in a phase currently associated with a review.
  • Comments Tab: use this pane to enter and review comments regarding the application.
  • History Tab: use this pane to review the history of updates made to the application.
  • More Options button: Use the More Options button to add attachments, review Application Properties, export the application, assign the application to a reviewer, impersonate the applicant, or adjust the Reading Options to change your view.

Editing Application Information

In Admissions, applications are divided into several sections.

Click the Edit link at the top right of any section to modify its contents.


After you've made your edits, click Save to keep the changes and return to the Application.

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