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Managing Collaboration

The Collaboration features in Admissions allow you to establish tasks to be completed by different groups of users, known as Collaborators.

Collaborators are users that have been granted access to the software to complete specific items. Their access to the software is limited to the tasks, applicants, and application sections that you determine.

Creating Collaborator Portals

Creating a Collaborator Portal allows you to give collaborators a URL to log in to Admissions and interact with the Collaborator Modules you’ve created.

To create a Collaborator Portal:

  1. Go to the Collaboration section of the Settings menu and click Portals.
  2. From here you can review your existing portals and click Create Portal to create a new portal.
  3. Name the portal and enter a domain. The domain is the first part of the URL collaborators will use to access Admissions. For example, a domain of demouniversitycollaborators results in a Collaborator Portal address of demouniversitycollaborators.[x].net.
  4. If a Single Sign-On provider has been configured, click Select SSO to incorporate it here.
  5. Select which Team Categories can access this portal. Team Categories are created in the Collaboration Teams section.
  6. Click Choose Columns to establish how applicant lists appear to collaborators. On the Grid Columns page, click and drag fields from the left to add them to the display. Click the minus sign on an In Use column to remove it.
  7. When you’re done configuring your Collaborator Portal, click Save Changes.

Creating Collaboration Modules

Collaboration Modules are used to determine what access Collaborators have, and what Reviews they will complete.

To create a Collaboration Module:

  1. Go to the Collaboration section of the Settings menu and click Modules.
  2. Review your existing modules, and click Create Module to create a new Evaluation Module.
  3.  Name the Collaboration Module and enter a key.
  4. In the Application Content area, click the plus sign to add fields for collaborators to see. Collaborators using this module only have access to the fields you enable here.
  5. Fields available for collaborators are separated into groups. Click the plus sign to add a new group. You can select a half-width group of fields, allowing for groups to exist side-by-side, or full-width columns, spanning the entire width of the page.
  6. Once you’ve created at least one group, you can click and drag fields from the Available Fields area, and position them as desired. Once you’re done adding groups and arranging fields, click Update.
  7. Next, determine which applicants collaborators using this module will have access to. To do this, click the plus sign to add a criterion.For example, you can add all applicants in a specific Phase, or all applicants found in a given Segment. Click APPLY to apply the filter.
  8. Click the plus sign again to add additional filters. If you’re adding multiple filters, you can toggle the AND/OR option to determine how applicants are filtered. Setting this option to AND means applicants must meet all criteria selected. Setting this option to OR means applicants will be visible to the collaborators if they meet any of the criteria you’ve added. Note the AND and OR option can only be set once for the Collaboration Module.
  9. Click the X button to remove any of the criteria you’ve added.
  10. Next, choose which Review Form you’re requesting the collaborators to complete, and set the Required # of Reviews. This is the number of evaluations you want completed for each applicant in this module.
  11. If desired, click Add Calculated Field. Use this option to display the calculated value in the Applicant Summary area, or on the Applications Grid. For example, you can display the average rating given by other collaborators.
  12. When you’re done configuring the module, click Save Changes.

Creating Collaboration Teams

Creating Collaboration Team allows you to work with Collaborators in groups. For example, you can assign applicants to be reviewed by a team of Collaborators.

To create a new Collaboration Team:

  1. Go to the Collaboration section of the Settings menu and click Teams.
  2. Review the existing teams, and click Create to create a new Collaboration Team.
  3. Name the Collaboration Team and decide if you’d like to use a category. You can use categories to help organize your Collaboration Teams and work with them in groups.
  4. Add Managers to your Collaboration Team as desired. Managers have the ability to add new assignments.
  5. Add Members to your Collaboration Team.
  6. When you’re done configuring, click Create Team.

Creating Collaborator Routing Tables


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