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Release 2 – March 8, 2023

New Features and Enhancements

CAS Application Enhancements

    Optionally Add Third Gender/Sex Value

This enhancement is for CASs using the standard Gender/Sex question and must be approved by the CAS association or UniCAS client for use in the next cycle. If activated, this enhancement will be available for all participating programs in the next cycle. CAS association and UniCAS clients: contact your Account Manager for more information or to enable this feature.

Disclaimer: on rare occasions, a new feature or enhancement may be moved to a future release or otherwise subject to change.

CASs can choose to add a third custom answer value to the Gender/Sex question, alongside the existing Female and Male answer values; for example, the third custom answer value could be X or X or another gender. This enhancement allows CASs to meet their guidelines and new options from state and federal governments.

Applicant Portal

Applicants can view and select the custom answer value when completing their application.

Admissions by Liaison

The custom gender answer value is displayed in Admissions by Liaison as configured by the CAS and appears on the Biographic Information section of the application form. The custom gender value will be stored in the same Gender or Sex field that currently exists to ensure all user-configured dashboard reports, custom properties, and exports that reference the gender field will continue to work as expected.

Analytics by Liaison

The custom answer value will appear in Analytics by Liaison once an applicant selects the new value.


The CAS API Application response now includes a new Gender JSON node under the BiographicInfo node (i.e., persInfo.biogInfo.gend.gender) that captures all the CAS-specific gender/sex options. For more information, review the Application resource in the API technical documentation.

If you currently use the CAS to Slate integration, we recommend you update your data integration and change the sex mapping from the previously-used field ( to the new CAS- and cycle-aware field (persInfo.biogInfo.gend.gender). While the previous field will remain in the payload, the data populating it is applicant-scoped instead of application-scoped and may not accurately reflect the options available in your CAS. The specific prompt value mappings vary from CAS to CAS; refer to your CAS for the custom gender answer value.

(CAS API description updated on April 3, 2023)


The custom answer value displays in WebAdMIT as how the CAS decides the value, and it appears in the Personal Information panel, Biographic Information subpanel on the Applicant Details page. It is also available in the List Manager, Export Manager, and Report Manager (for reports by Gender or Sex – e.g., Ages by Gender or Sex, GPAs by Year by Gender or Sex, etc.).

    Annual Spring 2023 Lookup Updates

This enhancement is automatically available for use by all CASs and participating programs. No action is required on the part of any association, school, or program. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Disclaimer: on rare occasions, a new feature or enhancement may be moved to a future release or otherwise subject to change.

Many fields in the Applicant Portal contain predefined answer values that applicants can select; for example, the Country and County fields both have predefined answer values. These values are housed in shared "lookup tables." Periodically, we update these tables to include additional response options.

The new lookup table values will be released in two phases: one phase in Release 2 and another phase scheduled for Release 3. The first phase of the new lookup table values are now available in the Applicant Portal.

These lookup table updates impact the following portals, some of which you may use. If you created a "crosswalk" from our portals to your local data in your SIS/CRM, you may need to update this crosswalk for the newly added options. For guidance on optimal implementation of the new values, review the Shared Lookup Table Updates for Spring 2023 page.

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