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Single Program Promote


Single Program Promote (SPP) allows association-level users to promote Approved programs from the Configuration Portal prelaunch environment to the production (i.e., live) environment. This reduces confusion because the prelaunch environment is exclusively used for creating and testing programs, while the production environment is exclusively for viewing and working with live programs. Additionally, Single Promote Promote maximizes efficiency because association-level users can promote programs on an as-needed basis throughout a cycle as programs are created or new organizations join a CAS.

Important Notes

  • Programs must be created in the prelaunch environment first.
  • Programs can be promoted only once.
  • If you need to edit a program after it's promoted, you must make those changes in the production environment. Note that you can only make edits to program deadlines, home page branding, and instructional text. If you need to make edits to other sections, contact a member of your account team.
  • If your CAS uses the Applicant Gateway feature, all Applicant Gateway configurations are promoted with the program.

Promoting Programs

Only programs that have been previously Approved can be promoted to the live environment. Before promoting a program, be sure to confirm the program's start date. If the start date is on or before the day you promote, the program will automatically go live in the application.

To promote a program, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to WebAdMIT's prelaunch environment.
  2. Under the Administration panel in the Menu Bar, click CAS Configuration Portal.
  3. Navigate to the desired CAS, cycle, and organization.
  4. On the Organization Details page, click the checkboxes for the Approved programs you want to promote.
  5. Click Promote to Current Cycle at the bottom of the table.
  6. Review the confirmation window information, then click Continue.

Once the program is promoted to the production environment, a green confirmation window appears in the top right. Additionally, a Promotion History tab appears. This tab shows the promotion status of the programs you've attempted to promote (e.g., In Progress, Success, Failed). In the background, programs are promoted one at a time, and the table updates to indicate when the promotion is successful.

Newly promoted programs typically appear in WebAdMIT's production environment within 24 hours. Once they appear in production, admissions users can add the programs to their account and view applicants.

Promotion Status Definitions

Review the following definitions to understand the promotion process more fully.

  • In Progress: programs in this status are in the process of being promoted into production. Depending on the number of programs you promote, the promotion process can take up to 24 hours.
  • Success: programs in this status are successfully promoted to production. You can view them in the production environment, and admissions users can add the programs to their account and view applicants.
  • Failed: programs in this status encountered an error during the promotion process. You can try to promote them again, or contact support.
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