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Select a Branding Image

Your branding image appears on the top of your home page. We recommend using an image that is consistent with your program or school’s branding. This is the only section where applicants will see your specific program’s branding, so make it count! 

Branding Image Guidelines

  • Images must be in .jpeg, .tiff, or .png format and no larger than 250kb. 
  • File names cannot contain spaces or special characters. 
  • Your overall image size should be 900 px by 270 px, but consider the following:
    • A banner with your program information will cover a bottom portion of your image.
    • You can choose to display your school’s name in the headline text if it is not already part of your image.
  • When selecting colors and logos, ensure you adhere to website accessibility standards. Visit WebAIM for more information on 508 compliance.

Once you have at least one program, you can configure your branding.

Background Image.png

Upload Your Branding Image

  1. From the Program Details page, click the Branding link at the top.
  2. Click Edit Header.
  3. Click Browse and select your image. To review the branding guidelines, click the link at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select whether you want to show your institution’s name in the headline text. If this is already part of your image, select No.
  5. If you choose to show the headline text, use the slider to select an appropriate shade of text that contrasts the image.
  6. Click Save.

Best Practices

The most effective branding images include an eye-catching image and your institution's branding. Ineffective branding images can be distracting, contain repetitive information (e.g., program name repeated with the already included program name and deadline), or have important parts of the image overlaid with the program name and deadline banner.

Review this checklist when selecting your branding:

  • Are your images sized correctly (e.g., exact height and width, high resolution, etc.)?
  • Is your program name displayed clearly?

Poor Branding Image (information duplicated; text hard to read):


Good Branding Image (colorful, eye-catching image; clear institution and program name):


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