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GPA Entries

This page applies to: GradCAS

In this section, provide GPA information for the colleges you entered in the Colleges Attended section. Be sure to add any GPAs that are available to you.

Adding a GPA

  1. Click Add GPA.
  2. Click Add A GPA. If you don't have one, click I don't have a GPA to add
  3. Select the school level. 
  4. Enter the total credit hours earned. 
  5. Enter your GPA. 
  6. Quality Points are automatically calculated for you by multiplying your GPA by your total credit hours. 
  7. Click Save
  8. If you attended this school twice (e.g. you completed both undergraduate and graduate coursework at the same college), click Add A GPA to add another GPA entry. 
  9. Click Save and Exit
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