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Release 10 – November 6, 2022

New Features and Enhancements

CAS API Enhancements

The following enhancements are now available in the CAS API. All enhancements are automatically available to all CASs and participating programs using the CAS API. No action is required on the part of any association, school, or program. If you have any questions about these features, contact your Account Manager or support.

    Check Destination Health Before Creating a Subscription

Starting in 2022 Release 10, when you post a subscription through the CAS Subscription API, the API will send an empty, auto-generated test file to the destination system before the subscription is created to confirm that the destination system is correctly set up (i.e., a “health check”). This enhancement prevents the API from attempting to access an unreachable or misconfigured destination and alerts you to errors in the destination setup.

The test file name replaces any integer-based tokens with 0 and string-based tokens with TEST. For example:

  • Path template: CAS_pers_<casApplicantId>__<documentSubType>__<fileId>!<deliveredDate>.pdf
  • Test file: CAS_pers_0__TEST__0!2022-10-04_16:00:00.pdf
    Certifications and Observation Hours Document Subtypes

The CAS Subscription APIs now support the Certifications and Observation Hours document subtypes:

Release 10_CAS API_Certifications table.png

This enhancement allows you to capture more information for these documents through the API.

    New Program-selected Properties for the GET Applicants API

The GET Applicants (list) endpoints now return the following program-selected properties, under the selectedPrograms child node:

  • Program level
  • Program concentration
  • Program submitted date

For more information, visit the CAS API technical reference page.

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