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Unique Application-Scoped ID: Combine CAS and Program IDs

When extracting data from Outcomes, you may need to create a unique, application-scoped ID to identify an applicant across separate Liaison products. For example, if your institution is associated with multiple CASs, an applicant may apply to different programs at your institution within different application services. Using this advanced configuration, you can export a unique ID that distinguishes their applications to each program.

Add the JavaScript Code

You have two options when adding the JavaScript Code for this expression:

  • Create a Custom Property using this code. Once created, Custom Properties are listed among the Available Fields in the Export Builder.
  • Add the JavaScript expression directly from the Export Builder by selecting the Custom option from the Available Fields menu, and dropping it into the Columns window.

In either case, you'll have an Expression area to add your code and configure it as desired. To complete this process, in the Expression area, add the following code:

cas_id +

The resulting expression will look similar to this:


Working with the New Custom Properties

If you've added this JavaScript expression as a Custom Property you can use it in other areas. For example:

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