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Working with Quick Messages

In Outcomes, you can use Quick Messages to send a one-off message to applicants individually or in batch. In contrast with Templates, Quick Messages can be sent whenever you need to send them without working with a Campaign.

For example, perhaps there's an update to your procedure, deadlines, or requirements. Maybe you have new contact information or updated hours of operation. You may need to quickly send a message to your applicants to inform them of these adjustments. With Quick Messages, you can build the message as an email, text message, or voice message, and send it to whatever group of applicants you'd like - without developing a new campaign or editing your existing campaigns.

Creating Quick Messages

To create a new Quick Message:

  1. Navigate to the Quick Messages section under Marketing on the Navigation Menu.
  2. From here, you can review your existing messages or click the plus sign to create a new Quick Message.

    Quick Messages page
  3. Select which type of Quick Message you'd like to create.

    Selecting a new message type
  4. Begin creating your message by giving the Quick Message an Internal Message Name. Then select the Audience Type, Delivery Address to be used, and the Contact Segment that you will send the message to. 

    Creating a new message
  5. To move to the next step, click Message at the bottom of the page.
  6. If you're creating an email message, you're presented with your list of existing templates. The templates available here are those you've already built in the Email Templates area. Select a template and make any required edits to the message, including any changes to the Subject Line or body of the message. Click ATTACH FILE to add an attachment. Click CHANGE to go back and select a different email template. To test the message before sending it to your recipients, enter one or more email addresses in the Test Email Address(es) field and click SEND TEST. When you're satisfied with the message, skip to step 9 to review a summary of your message.

    Sending an email template
  7. If you're creating a text message, type your message into the Text Content field. When you're satisfied with the message, skip to step 9 to review a summary of your message.

    Body of a text message
  8. If you're creating a voice message, choose whether to type a message and have it converted to audio, or to record your own message. If you're typing a message, select a voice that you'd like the message to be read in, and click Listen to my message  to preview it.

    Sample voice message
  9. When you're ready, click Next at the bottom of the page. Review the summary of your message and select Send Now or Schedule for Later. To finalize your message click the save icon at the top right of the page.

    Quick Message summary
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