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Working With Phases

Phases are different periods during the application cycle that you establish. You can create Phases to organize applicants, corresponding with their current status with your institution. For example, you can create Phases for applicants who are under review, to be interviewed, or awaiting additional information. Phases are established for your internal process, while Applicant Stages refer to the external steps applicants are involved with in the Applicant Portal.

Placing Applicants in Phases

Once you have Phases built, you can place applicants in these Phases as desired. To place an applicant in a Phase individually:

  1. Navigate to the desired applicant.
  2. From the Summary Panel on the left, use the Phase drop-down to select your desired Phase.

    Selecting a new Phase

You can also place multiple applicants in a Phase at once. To move applicants to Phases in batch:

  1. Go to the Applications view, and set your desired filter. Filters are set using the filter on the left, or by selecting the desired Phase Pipeline at the top of the page.
  2. Use the checkboxes to the left of each applicant (or the checkbox at the top of the applicant list) to select which applicants should be included in your batch action.
  3. Click Phase to select the Phase action.

    Setting a Phase in batch
  4. Choose your desired destination Phase. A confirmation appears to confirm your change.

    Updating a Phase in batch
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