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Managing Users

Adding New Users

In Outcomes, you can create as many new users as you need to work with the software. When creating users, you choose their Role to establish what permissions they'll have in the software. Once you add a new user, Outcomes sends them an email invitation.

 To add new users:

  1. Go to the Organization section of the Settings menu and click Users.
  2. On the Users page, you can review your existing users. Click the plus sign at the top right to add a new user.
  3. Enter the new user’s name and email address, and select the desired Role for your new user. By default, there is an Administrator role that gives full access to the software. All other Roles need to be created in the Roles area.
  4. If you don't want the user to receive notifications regarding review assignments that have been given to them, enable the Opt out of assignment summary emails option.

    Setting up a new user
  5. In the Team Membership area, click the plus sign to search for and select the teams you’d like to add the user to. You can select any previously created team. You can also create and manage teams separately by clicking Teams in the Organization section of the Settings Menu.

    Adding a new user to a team
  6. If you selected a Role for the user, you’re presented with a Portal Access area that indicates what portal the user will be invited to. Check Send Invite Now to have the invitation sent to the user as soon as you’ve created the account. Invitations expire after 90 days. To resend an invitation, return to the user's page and click Resend Invite from the Invites section.

    Selecting portal access for new user
  7. Click Create User.

Managing Teams

As an administrator, you can establish teams that will work together to complete reviews or tasks. For example, if you conduct reviews or interviews and you have separate groups of colleagues who handle these, you can organize them together in a team. Teams can be used in assigning reviews, distributing tasks, or establishing Workspaces.

To create a team:

  1. Navigate to the Organization section of the Settings Menu and click Teams.
  2. From the Teams page, you can review and edit existing Teams. Click the plus sign at the top right to create a new team.
  3. On the New Team page, give the Team a name. If you have several teams, you can create and assign categories to group your teams (e.g., Interviewer Teams, or Reviewer Teams).

  4. Select which existing users should be managers or members of this team. Managers you establish here do not have additional permissions, but this area can be used for your own records. If prefered, you can save your team without adding any members, as they can be added later from the Teams page or directly from each person's Users page.
  5. Click Create Team.

You can edit existing teams from the Teams page by clicking the name of the team. You can delete or categorize teams by clicking the checkbox to the left of them, and selecting the desired option at the top of the grid.

Working with the Users Page

From the Users page, you can search, sort, delete, and review your existing Users.

Searching for Users

Click on a column header to sort users alphabetically in ascending or descending order.

Users page

Use the search icon to search for specific users by their name or email address. Click the dropdown arrow to filter users based on their Role, Portal, or Review Team.

Deleting Users

To remove a User from your account, click the checkbox near their name, then click Delete.

Inviting Pending Users

If there are any Users with pending access, click X invitations ready to send to see who those Users are. You can also select users to send them an invitation, allowing them to confirm their access and create a password. Invitations expire after 90 days. To resend an invitation, click the user you'd like to re-invite, and click Resend Invite from the Invites section of the User page.

Modifying Users

Permissions for each user are based on the Role they are assigned. Administrators can modify a user’s access by changing their Role.

To modify users:

  1. Go to the Organization section of the Settings menu and click Users.

    Users page
  2. On the Users page you can review your existing users. Click a user’s name to view their page.
  3. Adjust settings as described above. You can select a new role in the Role area, or adjust the user’s assignment settings in the Team Membership area.
  4. Click Save Changes to save your new settings.

Any user in the software can also make edits to their own account by clicking My Account at the bottom of the Navigation Menu. From the My Account Menu, you can edit your contact information, update your account image, change your login email, or reset your password.

My Account Menu

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