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Match Applicant Code Numbers

How do I get my Match Applicant Code Number?

When you have completed the process of registering for the Match via the Applicant Match Number section, you will be assigned a five-digit Match Applicant Code Number that will be used to identify you in the Match.

How do programs get my Match Code Number?

Your Match Applicant Code Number will be included automatically as part of your PhORCAS application after you register for the Match. Programs that participate in the Match can also obtain Code Numbers for registered applicants from the Match website, and can search for a registered applicant by name when they enter their Rank Order Lists for the Match.

I forgot my Match Code Number. How can I obtain it again?

If you are registered for the Match, check the Applicant Match Number section in the PhORCAS application.

If I registered for the Match last year, can I use that Code Number and/or payment for this year?

No. Registration for previous years cannot be reactivated or transferred to another year. You must register again and pay the registration fee for this year. After your registration is complete, you will be assigned a new Match Applicant Code Number for this year's Match.

If I update or change my personal information, will my Match Code Number change?

No. Your Match Applicant Code Number remains the same throughout the process for this year.

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