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PharmCAS Likert Criteria

You will evaluate applicants using a Likert analysis. Use the following criteria when completing your analysis.  

  • Oral Communication: Applicant speaks clearly with precision and accuracy, and without ambiguity.
  • Written Communication: Applicant's writing is precise, accurate, grammatically correct, and unambiguous. 
  • Intellectual Ability: Applicant demonstrates academic competence and aptitude for PharmD programs.
  • Leadership: Applicant takes initiative and motivates others.
  • Ethics: Applicant displays honesty, integrity, and ethical behaviors.
  • Empathy: Applicant is considerate, sensitive, and tactful in response to others.
  • Reliability: Applicant is dependable, responsible, prompt, and thorough.
  • Judgment: Applicant displays critical thinking skills, common sense, and decisiveness.
  • Interpersonal Relations: Applicant is able to get along well with peers and superiors.
  • Adaptability: Applicant reacts well to stress and is poised and controlled.
  • Professional Appearance: Applicant maintains good personal hygiene, wears appropriate attire, and is well-groomed. 
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