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US Transcripts

This page applies to: PharmCAS


  • Transcripts must be sent to PharmCAS from all regionally-accredited US institutions you listed in the Colleges Attended section of your application.
  • All transcripts must arrive by the application deadline set by your selected programs. PharmCAS does not enforce transcript deadlines and will forward your completed application to your selected programs even if your transcripts have not arrived. Your programs may or may not consider your application if PharmCAS receives your transcripts after the deadline. 
  • Do not send foreign transcripts. This includes transcripts from Caribbean schools. We cannot accept these documents and they will be destroyed. See the Foreign Transcripts section for more details.
  • Transcripts must be original. Transcripts that are photocopied, faxed, on file at a career center or Interfolio, etc. are not accepted.
  • Transcripts must be addressed to PharmCAS. Transcripts addressed to you, a program, school, or any address other than PharmCAS are not accepted.
  • Transcripts must be mailed by your registrar as per AACP policy. For security purposes, we cannot accept transcripts mailed by you or anyone other than the registrar. If anything on your transcript indicates that it was issued to the student, picked up by you, or mailed to any address other than PharmCAS, your transcript will be rejected and you will need to send a new one. 
  • In rare occurrences where a school's computer system can only include the applicant's name in the transcript's Issue to field, instruct the registrar to mail the transcript to PharmCAS and include a letter stating the registrar's policy for addressing transcripts. Transcripts will not be accepted without this letter. Additionally, the transcript cannot have an "Issued to Student" or "Student Copy" stamp and cannot be picked up by the applicant. 

How to Send US Transcripts

  1. Enter your colleges in the Colleges Attended section before requesting any transcripts. 
  2. Click the Download Transcript Request Form under each school you listed and print each form. 
  3. Contact the registrar at each institution you attended and request one transcript be sent to PharmCAS. You only need to submit one transcript from each school regardless of the number of programs you're applying to.
  4. Provide the registrar with the following items:
    • PharmCAS Transcript Request Form. Ask the registrar to attach it to your official transcripts. This form is not required, but strongly recommended as it helps ensure your official transcripts are properly matched to your application. If you cannot use this form, make sure the registrar prints "PharmCAS" and your full PharmCAS ID# on the transcript before mailing it. 
    • Any school-specific forms required by the registrar.
    • Any transcript fees required by the registrar.
    • All information needed by the registrar to properly identify you in the school's database.
    • Any name changes.
    • Your PharmCAS ID#.
  5. Follow up with your school(s) to ensure that your transcripts were mailed, and obtain the date they sent them. Be aware that processing times vary by school and may take longer towards the end of a semester. Some schools may not send your transcript until the semester is over. 
  6. Monitor the Check Status page to ensure your transcript is received. On average, it takes 7-10 business days for your transcript to post to your application from the date we receive it. If your transcript is not posted after this timeframe, contact Customer Service. 

Sending Transcripts by Mail 

Your registrar should mail your paper transcripts to the following address:

PharmCAS Transcript Processing Center
P.O. Box
Watertown, MA 02471

We are not responsible for any materials lost in the mail or delays caused by the Registrar's Office. Express or certified mail does not guarantee faster processing or receipt. 

Sending Transcripts Electronically

Electronic transcripts are only accepted from Credentials Solutions. Click here to see if your school offers the Credentials Solutions service. If your school is not listed, your transcript must be sent by mail. We cannot accept transcripts sent via email. If your school is listed, click here and follow the instructions to proceed. Once your transcript is requested, it takes 7-10 business days for it to post to your application. If your transcript is not posted after this timeframe, contact Credential Solutions directly to confirm the order was completed, then contact customer service. 

If your school requires that you use a service other than Credential Solutions, you should ask that service to mail the transcripts instead of sending them electronically. Since you cannot include the Transcript Request Form, you should include your full PharmCAS ID # when entering the PharmCAS mailing address. 

Posting Delays

The following scenarios can cause delayed application posting/processing and should be avoided whenever possible:

  • A transcript is not accompanied by a Transcript Request Form or is accompanied by the incorrect form.
  • A transcript is not addressed specifically to "PharmCAS." 
  • A school you attended is missing from the Colleges Attended section. We cannot attach a transcript to your application unless the school is listed.
  • An incorrect school name is listed in the Colleges Attended section. We cannot attach a transcript to your application until it is corrected. 
  • The name on a transcript cannot be found in the PharmCAS database, either because your name changed, was misspelled on the transcript, was misspelled on the application, or you have not yet created a PharmCAS account.

Rejected Transcripts

The following scenarios can cause transcripts to be rejected and should be avoided whenever possible:

  • A transcript is unofficial, marked as student-issued, or is addressed to someone other than PharmCAS.
  • A transcript is missing pages or was severely damaged in the mail.
  • A document received by PharmCAS is not a transcript.
  • An incorrect transcript was received; this can occur when another student at your school has the same or similar name and you did not provide enough information to the registrar when you requested your transcript. Be sure to provide your schools with as much information as possible so they can properly identify your records.
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