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PharmCAS Official Test Scores

This page applies to: PharmCAS

Official PCAT Scores

Official PCAT Scores are submitted electronically to PharmCAS directly from Pearson, following the directions below. 

Once your Official PCAT scores are attached to your application, they cannot be removed. 

Submitting Your Official PCAT Scores

  1. Arrange for Pearson to send your scores to PharmCAS using School Code 104. Pearson will send your most recent set of PCAT scores and test results from up to four other previous attempts in the last five years. 
  2. Enter your test information on the Standardized Tests page in the application. Be sure to enter your PCAT CID number. This must be listed in order for your official scores to be matched to your application, posted to your account, and sent to your programs. Once processed, you can view scores attached to your application in the Standardized Tests section of the Check Status tab.

Official TOEFL Scores

If English is not your first (primary) language, certain programs may require that you submit TOEFL scores directly to PharmCAS. Refer to the PharmCAS School Directory to see your programs's specific requirements.

If you need to submit your TOEFL score, you must contact ETS to have your official TOEFL scores released to PharmCAS. Once you do, ETS electronically sends your scores directly to PharmCAS. Paper copies are not accepted. 

Submitting Your Official TOEFL Scores

Go to and request your scores be sent to PharmCAS using code #8246. It takes approximately 10-12 business days from the date you make the request for the score to post to your application. 

Make sure that the name and date of birth on your application match that on your TOEFL exam; otherwise, your scores will not automatically post to your account. If you believe there may be a discrepancy, wait until ETS processes the scores, then contact customer service so they can manually connect the scores to your application. 

Note that your application will not be delayed if you haven't yet taken the TOEFL. Your programs can view your scores once they are received. You should, however, be aware that some programs may need scores by a certain date; check with your programs to ensure you meet all deadline requirements. 

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