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Updating Your PharmCAS Application (Academic Update)


Once you submit your application, most sections are locked to prevent edits. Updates you can make include:

  • Editing your contact information.
  • Editing your profile information (username, password, security question, etc.).
  • Adding programs with deadlines that have not yet passed.
  • Editing or deleting evaluations that remain incomplete. 
  • Adding new test scores, experiences, achievements, and/or certifications, if applicable (you are unable to edit or delete existing entries). 
  • Editing program materials for programs you have not yet submitted to (programs you have already submitted to will be locked).

After making your updates, click Update my application to send the changes to your programs. If you have updates for other sections of your application, submit these updates directly to your programs.

Updating Your Coursework

After your application is verified, you can make updates to courses you listed as in progress or planned, as well as add courses that are planned for the next term. You cannot update terms that are already verified or add terms from previous years (e.g., you forgot to add a term from 2014). If you are updating coursework as a re-applicant, review Use an Existing PharmCAS Account to Re-apply.

To update your coursework:

  1. Ensure your application's status is Verified. 
  2. Navigate to the Academic History section. 
  3. Click Transcript Entry
  4. Click Edit under the school you are updating. 
  5. Click the blue pencil next to the term you are updating (if you need to add a new term, click Add Term).
  6. Change the In Progress/Planned box to Completed.
  7. Update your courses, credits, and grades.
  8. Click Save All
  9. Click Update my application to send the updated information to your programs.

Fall Academic Update Period

After your application is initially verified, you can make any necessary updates to your courses (i.e., newly completed or planned/in-progress courses) during the Fall Academic Update period. The coursework entered during this period will be verified and your GPAs will be updated accordingly. You cannot edit courses that you originally reported as complete or add courses completed in prior years.

The Fall Academic Update period opens on December 15, 2020 and closes on February 15, 2021. You will receive an email when the Academic Update period is opened and available. It is your responsibility to update your courses during this time period. PharmCAS cannot update your coursework for you. Additionally, if you do not submit your Academic Update by the closing date of February 15, 2021, PharmCAS cannot update your GPA calculations. 

You must also arrange for your official Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 transcripts to be sent directly to PharmCAS as soon as they are available. If you do not submit your updated courses and transcripts in a timely manner, your selected programs may no longer consider you for admission.

Note that you can only update your coursework once during each Academic Update period.

Spring Academic Update Period

You can update your Spring and Summer 2021 coursework at any time. Accepted applicants should enter their spring grades on the PharmCAS application as soon as they are available, following the completion of the spring 2021 term. You must enter your spring grades before the 2020-2021 cycle and Spring Academic Update period close on July 6, 2021. Please note that this coursework will not be verified or calculated into your GPAs.

It is your responsibility to add any new courses completed since your application was first submitted to PharmCAS and to edit any in-progress and planned courses. Courses that were originally reported as completed cannot be modified. 

Spring 2021 Academic Update Transcripts

Accepted applicants should arrange for official Spring 2021 transcripts to be sent directly to PharmCAS as soon as they are available and before the cycle closes on July 6, 2021, unless otherwise instructed by the pharmacy school. If you do not submit your updated courses and transcripts in a timely manner, your selected programs may no longer consider you for admission.

Summer 2021 Academic Update Transcripts

Accepted applicants must arrange for Summer 2021 transcripts to be sent directly to the pharmacy school (and not to PharmCAS). The PharmCAS 2020-2021 cycle will close before summer 2021 transcripts will be available.

Reporting Grade Changes

If a grade changed on your transcript due to a correction made by the registrar's office, not connected to any of the Academic Update periods, follow the steps below.

  1. Send PharmCAS an email that contains the following information:
    • Full name
    • CAS ID number
    • Name of the institution issuing the grade change 
    • Course title
    • Course prefix and number
    • Session year and term for course (e.g., fall 2008)
    • Original grade on the transcript
    • Revised/corrected grade on the transcript. 
  2. Print a new Transcript Request Form from the Colleges Attended section for the institution that issued the grade change. On the form, circle Yes next to Grade Change
  3. Submit the Transcript Request Form to the registrar and arrange for a revised copy of your transcripts to be sent to PharmCAS as soon as possible. 

Once the official transcripts are received, PharmCAS will update your course grade and GPA and submit an updated application to your selected programs. 

Note: if the transcript with your grade change will be received by PharmCAS after July 10, 2020, you must contact PharmCAS before sending the transcript. 

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