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Other Information

Language Proficiency

Select your first language (the language of your birth). If you speak additional languages, click Add Another Language. Then, select the language(s) and the level of your proficiency in each.

Military Status

If you have US military experience, select your anticipated status at the time of enrollment from the drop-down. Select Not a member of the military if this does not apply.

Academic Infraction

Indicate whether you were ever the recipient of any action (e.g., a grade lowering penalty, failing grade, disqualification, suspension, probation, dismissal, etc.) for academic or professional misconduct (e.g., cheating, plagiarism, harassment, misuse of university facilities, stealing, destroying, or damaging university property, etc.) by any faculty member, college, university, PharmGrad, or health licensing board.

Indicate whether you were ever the recipient of any action (e.g., disqualification, suspension, probation, dismissal, etc.) for unacceptable academic performance and/or behavioral misconduct by any college or university.

If you answer yes, you will not automatically be disqualified from admission to a pharmacy graduate program. Programs understand that many individuals learn from the past and emerge stronger as a result. Full disclosure will enable programs to evaluate this information more effectively within the context of your credentials. If you fail to provide accurate information when answering this question, you may jeopardize your application.

If you select Yes for either question, enter a brief explanation in the field provided. Include 1) a brief description of the incident, 2) specific charge made, 3) related dates, 4) consequence, and 5) a reflection on the incident and how the incident has impacted your life.

Special Life Circumstance

Describe any special life circumstances, including, but not limited to, your cultural background and overcoming adversity.

COVID-19 Impacts

Use this section to describe how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your pathway to an advanced science degree.

  • Indicate if your school moved to offering only online curriculum during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Indicate if you had an opportunity to receive a letter grade for any of your courses taken during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Describe how COVID-19 has impacted your pathway to an advanced science degree. The prompts listed in the application can help you get started, but you do not need to limit your responses to only these considerations.
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