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Completing Application Forms

All of the forms for an application are consolidated. You can switch between forms using the navigation panel on the left. SlideRoom automatically saves your progress as you're completing each form.


Required elements are marked with an asterisk. You'll need to respond to each of these to submit your application. For questions requiring a file upload, there is a 10 MB size limit.

Once you start working on a form, the required elements that you have skipped are highlighted.


You'll be unable to submit your application until you return and complete all required materials.

Click Continue to move through your forms. When you've completed all your forms, clicking Continue again moves you to the next part of the application process.

Reusing Form Answers

If you are creating multiple applications for the same institution, and those programs use the same forms, you can save time by using the Copy answers feature.


To use this feature:

  1. Click Copy answers. This opens a window showing your previous applications that contain this form.
  2. Choose which one you want to use, then click Copy. This deletes any answers you've typed into the current form, replacing them with your previously given answers.
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