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What is SlideRoom?

What is SlideRoom?

Main application page where you can toggle to different sections of the application

SlideRoom application management software that helps you streamline your review process. It offers:

  • A branded site for your applicants.
  • A private portal for reviewing and evaluating applicants.
  • Administrative tools to manage admissions or departmental applications.

Using SlideRoom, you'll create programs to which applicants can apply. Applicants can review the directory of your offerings, complete your application forms, submit letters of reference, and provide work samples. All applicant materials are displayed on a single page for your review.

Once applicants begin applying, you can:

  • Use SlideRoom's Analytics dashboard to measure activity.
  • Create segments of applicants to work with together.
  • Assign reviewers to groups of applicants.
  • Customize Score Cards to compile applicant scores and isolate your best applicants.
  • Build Export templates containing the data that's important to you.
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