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Glossary of SlideRoom Terms

SlideRoom Term


Applicant Portal A customized page you create where applicants can learn more about you and apply to your programs.
Custom Attribute A data field you can manually add to an application. This allows you to manage additional information without the need to edit applicant-entered data.
Evaluation The process reviewers engage in to assess your applicants.
Form A set of questions you create to be answered by applicants, reviewers, or evaluators.
Grace A period after your program’s deadline in which applicants who have started their application can complete it.
Markdown A text-to-HTML conversion tool with which web writers can adapt plain text into structurally valid HTML.
Media Audio, video, or other digital content applicants can attach to their application.
Program An opportunity you’ve established to which applicants can apply.
Rating Set The criteria you establish for reviewers to use when evaluating applicants.
Reference A recommendation provided by a person of the applicant’s choice.
Role A set of permissions established for different types of users.
Round A stage of the applicant evaluation process. This applies when the evaluation process is separated, allowing different sets of reviewers to evaluate applicants at different stages.
Saved View A set of filters you've saved in SlideRoom for easy access.
Status A category you create in SlideRoom to organize your applicants and identify where they are in your process.
Tag A label you can place on applicants to add more descriptions or categorizations.
Unsubmit This function allows you to release an application back to the applicant for editing. The applicant can make your requested changes, then resubmit their application without incurring an additional fee.
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