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Customizing Your Applicant Portal

SlideRoom allows you to customize the style and text of your portal to greet applicants. Your portal can be accessed by applicants using your custom URL (e.g.,

To edit your Applicant Portal:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard, then click Account Settings.
  2. From the Settings menu on the left, click Applicant Portal to open the Visual Editor.

    Applicant portal settings menu
  3. Hover your mouse over the section you'd like to edit, and click to begin making changes.

    Applicant portal editor to customize your SlideRoom application
  4. To make changes to your logo or background color, hover over the bar at the top of the editing window. Click REPLACE LOGO to browse for a new logo. The logo should be no larger than 100 px tall, but the width can vary. Logos are left-justified in the Applicant Portal. Enter a hex code into the Background field to establish a new background color.

    Application editor showing where to replace your logo
  5. For additional control, click View Source. This takes you out of the Visual Editor and allows you to edit your text using Markdown instead.

    Application editor showing how you can view your source code to make customized changes to the SlideRoom application

When editing your applicant portal, remember:

  • It's a good idea to match the style of your main website, including the logo and colors.
  • The welcome text should apply to all your programs, so include general information about your organization.
  • You can format text with bold, italics, and underlining by highlighting the text and using the popup menu. This also allows you to turn text into clickable links.

    Application editor with highlighted text to demonstrate the bold/italicize/bulleting functions of the editor

Adding Images to Your Applicant Portal

As described above, you can use the REPLACE LOGO button to add your site's logo to the top of your Applicant Portal. Using Markdown, you can also embed additional images within your welcome text.

SlideRoom application portal with embedded image in the middle of the application instructions

When adding these images, keep in mind:

  • Images should use a link from your server or website. For example, this may be coded as: ![slideroomlogo](
  • Images cannot be resized in the editor, so you'll need to adjust the image's size prior to saving it on your website.
  • The width of your image should be 960 px or less.

Using Markdown in Applicant Instructions

Markdown editing guide and instructions for styling your application font and photos

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