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Using Application Tracker (version 1.16 or higher)

Note: Application Tracker 1.16 or higher must be used with Application Requirements Manager 1.120 or higher. 

Application (App) Tracker is a student-facing portal that allows applicants to view the status of their applications. Students can see which items, if any, are still outstanding for their application to be reviewed, as well as the status of any items received by the institution.

Items displayed to students include fields from their Contact and Application records, as well as Checklist Items. 

The Application Tracker can be custom configured by each institution, both in terms of administrative setup and the UI of the student-facing page. You can also use Applicant Dashboard to display Application Requirements to applicants.

Customizing Application Tracker

  1. Navigate to Setup and search for Custom Settings
  2. Click Manage next to App Tracker Preferences
  3. Click Edit next to App Tracker Settings

Custom Setting Definitions

Note: Application Tracker and Application Requirements Manager share custom settings.

  • Show Enrollment History: If checked, will show Enrollment History records on the App Tracker site
  • Show Essays: If checked, will show Essay records on the App Tracker site
  • Show Recommendations: If checked, will show Recommendation records on the App Tracker site
  • Show Tests: If checked, will show Test records on the App Tracker site
  • Checklist @future Minimum Batch Size: If processing @future, this setting determines at which point batches will run @future. To allow for manual entry without @future, recommended size is 20-30. 
  • Create Dynamic Transcripts Requirements: If checked, will automatically create checklist item records for additional enrollment history (transcript) records associated to the contact and/or application, if such records apply to the original application requirement.
  • Dynamic Transcript Text: Label that displays in Checklist Items for dynamically created transcripts.
  • Enable Application Requirement Manager: Allows users to enable or disable all package triggers.
  • Process Checklist @Future: If checked, checklist completion tests will run @future. Can be used to limit SOQL queries. 
  • Relevant Field: API label of the field used to define an application type. 

Note: TargetX_SRMb__Application_Type__c is delivered as part of the Recruitment Manager package, but any field can be used to define the type. 

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