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Limiting who has access to configure or create Group Assignments

Upon install of the TargetX Base package, permission to Group Assignment objects and fields are set for all internal users. You may wish to prevent some internal users from making changes to your configurations. To limit permissions for internal users requiring Read Only access, you can update the Object Level Permissions on the appropriate profiles:

  1. Navigate to Setup and search for Profiles.
  2. Click into the appropriate profile(s) for which you would like to restrict access to Group Assignments.
  3. Select Edit next to the appropriate profile.
  4. In the Custom Object Permissions section, set the following to Read access only:
  • Assignment Groups (v2)
  • AssIgnment Group Members (v2)
  • Expressions
  1. Click Save.
  2. For details on permissions, see: TargetX Permission Scanner.

Note: Access should not be more restrictive than read only.  Any further restriction may prevent Group Assignment triggers from running correctly when users of the system make updates. 


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