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Group Assignment Example

In this example, there are three groups and three users:

  1. Create 3 Assignment Groups named 'Atlantic,' 'Midwest,' and 'Pacific,' all with Contact as the target object and all active.
  2. Create an Assignment Group Member for each group.  Here's what the group assignments will look like:




Atlantic, Midwest

Atlantic, Pacific


  1. For this example, create a formula field that returns:
  • 'Atlantic' if Mailing City == 'New York'
  • 'Pacific' if Mailing City == 'Los Angeles'
  • 'Midwest' if Mailing City == 'Chicago'


When a new student from Los Angeles comes into the system, they will have Paul assigned as her contact owner since he and Mary are taking those students assigned to the Pacific group.

If another student from Los Angeles comes in, they will be routed to Mary this time, giving both Paul and Mary 1 assigned student from the Pacific group.  The trigger will give the student to the group member with the least number of assigned contacts at the time.

A student from New York comes in and is routed to Peter, a member of the Atlantic group.  The following New York student goes to Paul, and that cycle continues.

Since only Peter is a member of the Midwest group, he will be assigned as the contact owner for any students from Chicago.

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