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Implementing/Configuring Group Assignments

Note: You can keep the previous version of Group Assignment running while you set up new Assignment Groups. Once complete, follow the migration steps to move your new groups from sandbox to production.

See also How to Use Group Assignment Suite

Step  # Description
1 Create a TEXT field to store Group Assignments on the Contact record
2 Configure Group Assignment Access
3 Create your Group Assignment Custom Settings. The Target Object and associated evaluation field will be updated when a record is created or updated  - If the record matches a group’s criteria, a trigger will populate the Group Name and the Owner.
4 Configure Group Assignment Member Settings to determine which staff will show as available to assign to groups. Create a custom setting per license type that should be displayed as a group owner.  Enter the name of the license type as the name of the setting.  Examples of license types are “Salesforce”, “Partner Community Login”, “Customer Community Login”
5 Create Assignment Groups, assign criteria, and assign members to the groups.
6 Migrate/publish Group Assignment Configurations  
7 (Optional) Add additional Target Objects for Group Assignment
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