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Migrating Group Assignment changes from Production to Sandbox

Refresh your Sandbox

Before you begin, you should ensure the sandbox you will be migrating to has been recently refreshed. For details on how to create or refresh a sandbox, see the article Creating and Refreshing a Sandbox.

Configure Target Org

  1. Login to your Sandbox Org where you want to migrate the changes to Group Assignment.
  2. Navigate to Setup and search for App Manager.
  3. Select New Connected App.
  4. Enter a name for the Connected App Name - we recommend using 'Group Assignments Sandbox' as your name. The API name will default based on the app name you choose.
  5. Use your CRM Administrator's email address for the Contact Email.
  6. Under API (Enable OAuth Settings), check the Enable OAuth Settings checkbox.
  7. Set the Callback URL to:

  1. From the Available OAuth Scopes list, select Full Access and Add.
  2. Save your changes.
  3. Copy the Consumer Secret and Consumer Key for later use.

Configure Source Org

  1. Login to your Production Org where you've changed Group Assignment.
  2. You're going to create three remote sites using the criteria listed in each table below:
    1. Navigate to Setup, then search for and select Remote Site Settings.
    2. Select New Remote Site.

Notes for clients using MYDOMAIN:             

  • Your Production URL may look different than the examples listed.
  • Additional remote sites may be needed and will be included in errors received during Refresh.

Remote Site Name

Remote Site URL



Copy and paste your Sandbox org's URL here. (For example:


Use the following, replacing the xxxx with your Target Org's node number:


Configure Custom Settings

  1. In your Production Org (Source Org), navigate to Setup, then search for and select Custom Settings.
  2. Select the Manage link for Remote Connections.
  3. Select New.
  4. Enter a Name for the Sandbox Org (Target Org), such as GAS_Sandbox
  5. Copy the Consumer Secret from your Target configuration into Client Secret.
  6. Copy the Consumer Key from your Target configuration into Client id.
  7. Set the Login url to:

  1. Save your changes.

For clients using Government Cloud: If your institution uses Government Cloud, update the '' to your 'my domain' org URL.

Important: If you make changes to remote sites, you will need to EXIT the TargetX Builder and reopen in order to successfully migrate Group Assignments.

Notes about Remote Site Settings:             

  • In Sandboxes, Remote Site settings must be recreated after a sandbox refresh.
  • If Remote Site Settings are incorrect or missing, users will receive an error about an Unauthorized endpoint.


After finishing the above steps, you'll want to validate the Group Assignment migration before you deploy/publish.


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