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Migrating Group Assignment triggers to Production

Before you begin: Make sure to upgrade to the new group assignment version (Base package) in your production org before migrating triggers from sandbox to production. ~In order for Group Assignments to effectively migrate triggers from sandbox to production, code coverage must be at least 75% for all unmanaged code and all unit tests must pass in the production org.

Next to each Object with Trigger on the Group Assignment Objects view, there is a Migrate button that will turn green when clicked. Those objects with triggers that have been selected, will migrate during the publish process along with all groups/members associated with that object.

Group Assignment objects screen

Once you select the Objects with Triggers to migrate, you can then select the Migrate button at the bottom of the modal to open the Migrate Account modal.

Migrate Account details

Users with Author Apex permissions will be able to determine which triggers are deployed as part of the migration process to production. For each trigger by object, users with Author Apex permissions can activate or deactivate the trigger prior to migration.

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