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Other Information

Social Security Number

Enter your social security number. This field is optional, but some programs may require it for their application, or for institutional or federal financial aid forms. Contact your programs directly to determine if they require you to enter your social security number.

Previous UIN

If you previously applied to or enrolled at Texas A&M University or any Texas A&M University System institutions, enter your Universal Identification Number (UIN). If you do not have a UIN, leave this field blank.

Board of Regents

Indicate if you are related to any current member of the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents.

Military Status

If you have US military experience, select your anticipated status at the time of enrollment. Select None of the above if this does not apply.

Multiple Applications

Texas A&M University allows you to submit one application per college per semester; however, an application fee is required for every submitted application. Indicate if you have applied to or intend to apply to another program at Texas A&M University.

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